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Welcome to our family owned laser engraving operation! We specialize in unique, customizable, high quality gifts and home decor. Check out all the fun stuff we've got! Feeling inspired? Have an idea you'd like made into reality? Drop us a line and we'll work our magic to create an unforgettable product for you!

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  • Customization

    We can't post everything that we can create because the options are endless, and the sky is the limit! We can turn most any image into an engravable piece. We love creating custom, unique pieces out of wood, acrylic, for tumblers, jewlery and more, so if you don't see what you're looking for, please reach out to us!

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  • Locally Sourced Barrel Heads

    Kentucky! That's right! We drive up to the Bluegrass State to get all of our Bourbon Barrel Heads. These are coming from many of the distilleries along the Bourbon Trail. The particular ones that we purchase go through an extensive drying process to minimize warping, and are reinforced to keep the product together and secure. We are very picky about our products, so you can expect the best quality.

  • All In-House Production

    All of our products are created, customized and finished in house... like literally in our house! We've turned rooms in our home into space for our laser engraver and product storage. We are a true small business, and we sincerely appreciate you choosing to shop small!

Tumbler Care

Although generally top shelf dishwasher safe, due to high temperatures and variations in detergents, handwashing is recommended to help preserve the integrity and design of your stainless steel tumbler. We cannot be held responsible for alterations to your tumbler's appearance from the dishwasher or harsh chemicals. Oxidation may occur overtime as stainless steel is not rust proof, but rather rust resistant. If you have questions about the best cleaning methods to use, please email us at sales@konnkreations.com.

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